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Gateway is a game bringing a Portal-like game to the PSP. The game will have a completely custom storyline and content.
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 News of a leak and a quick update

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News of a leak and a quick update Empty
PostSubject: News of a leak and a quick update   News of a leak and a quick update I_icon_minitimeThu Jul 15, 2010 9:08 pm

I will just start off by saying, there is no leak! This game was a quick mod ade by Joe Aliter. He has no affiliation with Gateway. He simply ripped the Portal Gun model from the original Portal and used either his coding, or some coding from the Quake Mod Portal Gun. Some people have been posting this as a 'leak' on our site, the users have been banned (via IP so if you're reading, don't bother trying to post via another account!) This content is completely OK if you wish to support Gateway, but please do not say it is our content for the sake that Joe Aliter made it and he deserves credit. Just thought I would clear this up.

Also a quick update on Gateway. Over the time the mod has been being developed, I have gotten many applications for jobs. Only 2 of these applications went through. Either they went out of contact, or didnt even talk back after I accepted them, didn't even get into our files so they weren't even leakers! (Kind of weird imo) People say this has been dying, I have to say, it could be a possibility unless we really get some members on the team. We need a mapper (Please, an EXPERIENCED mapper, possibly someone who worked on other mods. We appreciate you new guys wanting to help, but we dont have time to teach you if we want to release a beta!) So, I've been trying my best to attract people to the mod, and doing what I could with what I do (in modding) but unless we get a coder and texture artist, it's a bit on hold! :\ If we don't progress much by the end of the year (11:59 PM December 31st 2010) the mod will close. We will release a half-beta (well I will Sad ) that will contain some maps (untextured), our portal gun, and the base portal coding. Thank you,, bye!
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News of a leak and a quick update
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